A new moment in our Massugu range.

Personal irresistible scissors with sandalwood coloured handles.

Raised ball bearing screw.


  • They are produced in 440C steel and  is 60 Degree hardness
  • The screw is an upstanding screw, to fix the adjustment without a key and with inside ball bearing for smooth cut.
  • The blades are also like all the others, Concave-Convex sharpened.
  • The handles are made in Sandalwood. Sandalwood is well know for oil to use in perfumes and incense.
  • The colors are made with special oils to give it a nice look.
  • Cutting with it gives a great nice feeling. Thomas Nemorin has test this one out with his clients and all are given the label “Satisfied”.
  • The name is KI, Ki is standing for Wood, tree, energy and life force. So in short a great pair of scissors.
  • We will have following lengths: 5.5*6.0*and 6,5 Inch.
  • Color’s are: Black, Natural and Red.

 480,00 490,00 excl BTW