UNICORN Size 5.8 and 6.3 Inch. Category: Top notch

Our Unicorn is our new flagship scissor; a well balanced scissor made from the finest materials and integrated double ball bearing ensures the most comfortable and smooth cutting. Designed for hairdressers who only want the very best.

Unicorn is a scissor for those who like to cut with large scissors, but are put off by the extra weight. Thanks to modern techniques and new steels, any user will quickly fall in love with this jewel of a pair of scissors.The look may be robust, but the scissors certainly are not. A more lightweight scissor that every hairdresser will find to be her or his perfect tool to work with. Finally, two ball bearings were used to provide real softness while cutting and a soft rubber coated handle makes everything perfect. An extension of the hand we

 1.200,00 1.250,00 excl BTW