The HOSHI series is the ultimate hairdressing scissor, specifically designed to complement the skills and expertise of the most accomplished hairdressers in the world. It represents the unmatched craftsmanship for which Massugu is renowned.

The Hoshi thinner – texturizer removes weight and creates lift and volume. By placing the teeth at an oblique angle, these shears can be used for cutting and thinning, as well as slicing.

15 Teeth 6.0”
Available in European style (teeth up) or Asian style (teeth under)

4 different handles are available:
black, brown, metal & metal straight

Steel type – + VG10 (Miracle steel)

Hardness – 61 HRC

Blades – Concave-Convex

Ergonomics – Slightly ergonomic

Cutting rate – 30%

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 595,00 excl BTW